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Menu for week of March 3rd

So happy to be back in my kitchen again. This morning I made two types of gluten-free breakfast bars for on the run meals and mid-morning snacks at work. Once cooled they were cutup into individual servings, packaged and placed in the freezer for quick retrieval and to retain their freshness.

After errands this afternoon meals will be prepared for the week (and pictures and recipes posted). The items for this coming week are:


breakfast bars



  • Navy bean soup and Savory Gluten-free Scones with Olives and Rosemary
  • Tomato-free Marinara Sauce (in our household this recipe makes 5-6 meals worth of sauce so we freeze the excess in serving size containers — they are great for quick weekday meals)  and rice pasta (pasta cooked day of serving0
  • Curried tofu with rice and vegetables
  • Potato leek soup
  • Spiced beans with apple

Menu for Week of February 4th

This weekend went far to quickly for my tastes. The one saving grace is that we traveled to the grain-and-feed store to pick up the seeds for our vegetable garden on Saturday — cannot wait to start the plants next month in the greenhouse…we are down to a small bag of heirloom tomatoes, a few bags of frozen pie pumpkins (use this in tomato-free Manarina sauce) and one bag of grated squash… we sill need to expand the gardens this year.

blackberry muffins

We started out today with blackberry waffles, coffee and yogurt (South American blackberries were available at the co-op this past week). What a nice treat.

Menu for the Week

Last night I made what I like to call “kitchen sink” pasta salad to serve to today’s lunch guests. My family calls it kitchen sink because it is never the same twice — I have a tendency to use whatever fresh produce, canned items and spices I happen to have in the house at the time. For this batch I included:  brown rice pasta, olives, sweet pickles, artichokes, dried tomatoes, celery, carrots, garlic, asparagus, chopped parsley,  basil, thyme, dill, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, goat cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For the rest of the week we prepared.


breakfast cups


shepherds pie

Next weekend we will make gluten-free pumpkin scones as a special Sunday treat. Have a great week….

Menu for Week of January 21st

Cooking on Sunday for the week worked so well for us that we will do it again this week — but make a little less food since we ended up with quite a few leftovers that will carry over into the coming weeks lunches.

This morning we started out with loading and lighting the wood stove since the winds are bringing in another cold snap. Then we settled down with gluten-free raspberry waffles (used some of the frozen raspberries that we put up last season).


On the menu for this week are (selected because the root vegetables from this fall are starting to show their age) :


gluten free bagels



low sugar carrot cupcakes

Kitchen is clean again…Now it it is time to sit down with the Sunday paper…. enjoy your day.

Menu for the Week of January 13th

Or grocery bill was spiraling out of control due to lack of planning, so our New Years resolution for 2013 was to go back to menu planning and cooking for the week on Sunday. That way we o not have to come home after work and try to prepare a healthy meal (which more than often did not happen) and we had options for lunches as well (this cuts down on buying lunch out).

For meals this week we made:



  • Savory Quinoa Cups (can be eaten cold or quickly heated up in the microwave)
  • Maple granola with almond milk yogurt
  • Fresh fruit


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