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Two-handed pot holders

the rainy June that we were given this year has allowed me to finish one of the items for our friend and family holiday baskets. Over the past few weeks I completed a number of two-handed pot holders using a patter found on the Sew4home website.

Two handed pot holders

if you are interested in creating a few of these pot holders go to The patter is super easy to follow and goes together quickly. The only modification that I made was to use a walking foot on my machine to reduce fabric puckering.



Another UFO has made it back onto the sewing table. I started this paper pieced snowflake quilt about five years ago, after a few units I decided to move on to another project, or two, three or more… About a week ago I took it out and set a goal to finish it by mid-spring.

snowflake quilt unitsI am close to the halfway point on the units….we will see if I keep up the momentum or find another project to turn my attentions towards….

Lilies on the Pond – almost done

I finished another step on the Lilies on the Pond quilt this evening. The machine quilting is complete, origami butterflies are all folded and stitched to the borders, and beading is started. It was a very nice project to work on in front fire on a cold and rainy Sunday.

Quilt is almost finished

Quilt is almost finished


Closeup of the block and butterfly

Closeup of the block and butterfly


Closeup of butterfly and beaded block work

Closeup of butterfly and beaded block work



Quilting Time Again

I missed working at my sewing machine so much, that I put aside my to-do list and pulled out one of my quilt projects. It feels so good to working with fabric again. This four heart wall hanging is one of the Christmas gift that I have on my cut table.

All marked and ready for quilting...

All marked and ready for quilting…

Harlequin Dance

I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t work one one quilt or another, but in the summer time I need projects that can travel. I am normally the passenger on our road trips to visit friends, take in some of the sights, kayak a new river or to camp in the white or green mountains, so I have a “busy box” that allows me to piece and quilt smaller items during drives and down time. The Harlequin Dance pillow below is one of the “Busy Box” projects that I completed last night.

hariguin dance full

This 20 inch  pillow is hand pieced using a modified cathedral window pattern that uses three fabrics instead of the traditional two. I also used a series of polished cotton tone-on-tone fabrics with multiple weaves to add depth to the piece as well as a little eye candy. Covered buttons were added to provide some additional dimension to the pillow.

harliquin dance square

The top was then layered with a high loft batting, muslin and backed with a complementary fabric. A goose down pillow so that it will say nice and fluffy.

harliquin square corner



Driftwood Garden

Driftwood buttons were used in the flowers and stone beads and bone buttons were used in the quilt header

Driftwood buttons were used in the flowers and stone & wooden beads and bone buttons were used in the quilt header


button garden

I just finished a hand pieced and quilted wall hanging based on Grandmothers Garden done with paper piecing. The technique that I employed folded the batting into the origami folded units, which allowed me to quilt as I went.

button -grandmothers garden

Driftwood buttons were placed in the center of each unit to add some additional dimension.

button garden closeup

This project was great to work on during car trips waiting for appointments.

The little train that could….

I didn’t think I would ever do another baby quilt, that was until a friend told me that they were expecting a second child. One that will be well loved, but was very unexpected so late in mid-life. In celebration of this news I dung into an old stash that I had packed away and retrieved a train panel that I quilted  for the little boy that is expected.

train quilt


Wolf Quilt Design

I am so happy that this quilt top finally made it out of my design book. I have created all but the left eye of this wolf. I hope to get her eye and the left side of her face done sometime this week, then I will move on to stitching down the applique pieces before stitching all of the units together.

wolf quilt update

The challenge on this piece will be deciding what type  of quilt design to use. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Interesting Quilting Resources


appliqué (Photo credit: lovefibre)

The following are a few sites that one of our guild members posted on our listserve. I found the resources inspiring and the tutorials helpful — so I thought that I would pass them along.

Garden Blocks


This is the first tumbling block quilt that I have ever made. The top was hand pieced and then machine quilted.   It was interesting to construct, but a bit to traditional for my taste — but then again it is another technique that I check off of my “want to try” list…. Now all I need to do is add the binding.

Remodeled Quilting Room


My remodeled quilting studio — ready to work in again

I am happy, happy, happy. After two months my quilting studio and the family room remodels are almost complete. We have about 1-2 months of work ahead of us before all of the walls and molding are done — but there is enough done that we can relax and watch a movie and I can spend time in my sewing space to working on a large collection of UFOs.

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