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Koran kimono update

Spent today adding fans to the kimono backs and butterfly shaped crystals to the backs and fronts. Since the top is quilted all of the stitching for the embellishments have to be started from the top and embedded batting, needless to say progress is slow. After seven hours of stitching I started making mistakes so put the quilt aside to finish another day.

Diamond play

New project start to bring in 2019 will combine cross stitch and quilting. I spent the past few weeks selecting fabrics and designing a finish of a piece of cross stitch completed last year. Since the needlework piece contains a series of diamonds filled with vintage patterns, gilded fabrics containing vintage patterns, and double windmill pattern were selected for the project.

The following images will step you through how I took my paper design from concept to the design wall.

Quilt block units
Design layout and units for the first blocks – background blocks and four square units.
The four square units were first strip pieced and then cut to the appropriate size.
4 square block sandwich
Four square sewn on all four sides to the background square.
Sandwiched blocks cut into four units on the diagonal
Block units opened
Cut sandwich opened and ready for layout
Finished double windmill block
Finished double windmill block
Design wall layout of blocks
Design wall layout of the first set of blocks

Tree of Life Quilt: Part 1

Our crops are almost done and the canning and dehydrating of our fruits and vegetables has slowed to a trickle, so now I can dedicate some more time to my fiber art projects. The big project I will be working on this winter is a tree of life quit. Thus far all of the base fabric pieces have been cut, a few blocks started, and I have started marking grids on the fabric pieces that will be cut into half triangle squares. Since the quilt top will require 1,528 half triangle squares, 1,184 of them which are only 1 1/2 inches square, I will be using a speed piecing method that will be covered in detail in my next post for this project.


Having fun with scraps

I have fun out of room in my scrap container so I have decided to make a number of paper pieced units with the larger scraps and string block with the narrower scraps. I created the first of the paper pieced units this weekend. What do you think of the person in the rain?


Baby quilt finished

Just finished the binding on my grandson’s quilt, so now it is ready to go to his parents. I want days to always be bright for him so top part of the quilt has a large sun shining down on stylized water and ground, and braced it with a puppy paw print to acknowledge the sweet dog that he will spend his early childhood with. I hope that he has the quilt for many years to come.

Sun baby quilt


Winter in the Village

I finished the Winter in the village quilt top… One more item out of the UFO pile. The 90+ degree days of late have given me good reason to spend evenings in my sewing room in the basement of our home working on projects.


It is nice to have the top done. I will be sending it off to be quilted as soon as the backing arrives. The colors will be so nice to have on the bed in the gray winter months.

Now I need to finish picking the fabrics for my grandsons quilt and start quilting the piece for my daughter.

Kids quilts done


Today I finished the binding on the last of my 2015 Christmas quilts. I had good intentions for getting the quilts for my youngest two grandchildren in the mail in early December. And that should have been possible since the pricing and quilting was completed in mid November. The problem was that I kept avoiding hand stitching the binding on the two full size quilts until a few weeks ago. I even set a new goal for myself by texting my daughter to tell her the quilts would be dropped in the mail that week. With the new goal in hand I started sewing the binding on the first quilt, got about halfway around the piece before I was distracted by another project. Earlier this week I texted her again noting that I was having a problem with the binding and that it would be an additional week before the quilts would be sent to the girls. This week I spent each evening working on the bindings so that I would not have to send another text of regret. The added pressure on myself did the trick. The bindings are now done and the quilts will be in the mail early next week.

image image

The lesson that I learned from this is that I cannot  have more than one binding project at a time on my work table. If I do I get a bit overwhelmed and revert to my avoidance behavior.


… Now I should move on to the new quilt my daughter requested.

Nested Squares quilt top complete

nestedSquaresFinished another quilt top this morning. I wanted to make a thank you gift for a friend who stepped outside of her comfort zone to assist us in a time of need. Even though I have not felt like quilting for the last month or so I needed to create something relatively quickly that I would be proud to gift. What I ended up doing for the project was to match a solid Kona cotton with a jelly roll of Batik fabrics to create blocks that created blocks within blocks using the log cabin technique.  The jelly roll fabrics were 2 1/2 inches wide, solid fabric within the blocks 1 1/2 inches in width, solid bands between blocks 2 inches wide, and border 2 1/2 inches wide. I really like the finished top and hope that she will as well.

What do you think of this top?

Moving right along…

This weekend we are scheduled to get another 6-8 inches of snow, so I’ve had some time to finish the center unit to my English paper piecing project (264 – 1 inch diamonds and equilateral triangles). I was even able to start some of the stars and hexies for the next layer of the top.

floating blocks english paper piecing projectI truly love hand piecing projects, even though that take a long time to complete (it will take me 6-9 months to finish this top). Fortunately, I will have several hours next week to work on start pieces as we dive to and from the Vermont Flower Show.  I am really looking forward to the touch of spring the show will provide and the workshops and seminars we can attend at the event.

Dance to the Light of the Moon

A couple of weeks ago I started working on a quilt that I designed more than a year ago. The piece is a bit of a study in merging a number of  techniques.


Four fabric layers down and a few more to go before the dancer can be placed

So far I have employed three of the five different techniques that will be used in the top: liquid starch and freezer paper applique, and paper piecing.

Paper pieced moon

Paper pieced moon

Even though I color coded the paper template the seam ripper was my best friend with the moon block… piecing the block was challenging but I really like the way it turned out.

liquid starch applique unit

liquid starch applique unit

I really dislike raw edge applique, so I used the liquid starch method and a clear plastic template to create the dancer for the quilt. She will be one of the last items placed on the top. The background will have to be completed before the best place for her can be determined.

Does anyone have ideas on what type of border the piece should be finished with? I have drawn and erased borders many times, but have not settled on a finish yet. I would love some input.

Squares in Square Quilt Top

This morning I finished a 66  x  76 inch top that I will be quilting for a secret Santa gift for a woman at the local shelter. I hope to get  couple of child size quilts done this season for the same place as well.

2014 squares in squaresWith the snow that is currently coming down I should be able to get a fair amount of sewing in the next few days.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

New Project Underway

I thought it would be interesting to use a very traditional pattern using some rainbow color fabrics. Being who I am an easy pattern wasn’t chosen — the golden wedding ring is what was cut. I will get lots of practice with curves on this one…


Few More Mug Rugs

We got our first snow yesterday. It was a bit warm for any accumulation, but it snowed off and on all day. So I lit the wood stove and moved my work computer to a space in front of the fire to finish out the days work and then to move on to a few projects.

Dogs enjoying the warmth from the wood stove

Dogs enjoying the warmth from the wood stove

By the end of the day I was able to complete 2 more mug rugs for my Christmas list. Now I just need to find mugs to go with these little gems….

mug rugs

Driftwood Garden

Driftwood buttons were used in the flowers and stone beads and bone buttons were used in the quilt header

Driftwood buttons were used in the flowers and stone & wooden beads and bone buttons were used in the quilt header


button garden

I just finished a hand pieced and quilted wall hanging based on Grandmothers Garden done with paper piecing. The technique that I employed folded the batting into the origami folded units, which allowed me to quilt as I went.

button -grandmothers garden

Driftwood buttons were placed in the center of each unit to add some additional dimension.

button garden closeup

This project was great to work on during car trips waiting for appointments.

Weather Fronts


Created this wall quilt as a practice exercise for a larger project that I will be working on this spring. I used the freezer paper technique for both paper piecing and templating. … Still need to finish up the quilting, but the unit is essentially finished.

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