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Diamond play

New project start to bring in 2019 will combine cross stitch and quilting. I spent the past few weeks selecting fabrics and designing a finish of a piece of cross stitch completed last year. Since the needlework piece contains a series of diamonds filled with vintage patterns, gilded fabrics containing vintage patterns, and double windmill pattern were selected for the project.

The following images will step you through how I took my paper design from concept to the design wall.

Quilt block units
Design layout and units for the first blocks – background blocks and four square units.
The four square units were first strip pieced and then cut to the appropriate size.
4 square block sandwich
Four square sewn on all four sides to the background square.
Sandwiched blocks cut into four units on the diagonal
Block units opened
Cut sandwich opened and ready for layout
Finished double windmill block
Finished double windmill block
Design wall layout of blocks
Design wall layout of the first set of blocks

Sampler update

72A77492-EC21-479C-AD33-543F233C6A75Between wood splitting sessions this weekend, I was able to make a bit of progress on my  botanical crossstitch sampler. I am really hoping to finish the stitching this summer so that I can spend time this fall working on the quilted bit that will surround the piece.


update on the ladies project

I have started to make a bit of headway with my latest piece. All of the outlining has been completed and pattern work started. All of the areas around the central images will be filled with some traditional backgrounds in black, and the images will be done in dull colors and open patterns, and the skin of the women will be cross stitched with natural skin tones. I think I will attempt to do a shaded background on the center square (never tried this before so we will see how it works out).


Do you have any thoughts or feedback on this project?

Blackwork sampler complete

Finished my first blackwork sampler yesterday. Many of the stitches used in the piece can be found on the Byrd’s Nest, Imaginesque, and Blackwork Journey sites if you would like to try them out.blackwork_samplerAfter working on the project off and on for the past four months I put aside two days to finish the sampler, knowing it I didn’t finish it soon it would end up in the UFO pile. I really enjoyed the complexity and geometry of the patterns but don’t think I take on another sampler. Instead I will take the skills learned from this project and create something closer to the types of designs I normally create — that is when a few of my started projects are finished đŸ™‚

When the winter weather keeps us in the house for longer periods of time the blackwork sampler will be integrated into a quilt top I am making for a family member.

What are some of the projects that you have been working on this summer?

Angelic Music


The Angelic Music needlepoint piece was stitched on a 16 point canvas with silk and ivory, metallic threads and glass beads. The piece was finished with gold matting and cherry frame.

If I were to do the piece again I would make the bells 3-Dl and use a different stitch on the scarf.

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