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Smokey Mountain Christmas

I spent this fall and early winter working on a Christmas cross stitch project for my honey. I really, really found this project enjoyable and the color selection relaxing.  The finished piece was turned into a wall hanging using some simple log cabin blocks.


Scrap Quilt Finish

Thanks to the wonderful longarm quilting done by Joanne at Spitting Stitches ( I finished the patchwork bedspread and shams along with the coordinating counted cross stitch pillows. The set is washed and placed, so now I need move on to finishing the quilt I promised my daughter almost a year ago.


Pretty in Pink

Another  UFO moved from the closet to the finish pile this weekend. After about five years of hand stitching cathedral window blocks my Pretty in Pink quilt is almost finished — just need to sew down the binding. I started this top when my youngest granddaughter was born, she is now in school and outgrown pink quilts. 😒

With all of the patterns within patterns created by the blocks I used a very simple quilt pattern to complete the project…Now to find a home for the project.



Second house quilt complete

Yesterday I finished the second of the house quilt in the series of four that I will be doing. The first quilt was a miniature paper piceced creation called “Life in Vermont”, the second is a queen sized quilt named “The Village”. I still have two pillow shams to complete for The Village quilt before I move on the third one.


The third quilt will be throw size and made out of fat quarters so that each house sitting on the hillside is different. I plan on starting this project some time in December when we will start to have a lot of time in front of the wood stove.

Kids quilts done


Today I finished the binding on the last of my 2015 Christmas quilts. I had good intentions for getting the quilts for my youngest two grandchildren in the mail in early December. And that should have been possible since the pricing and quilting was completed in mid November. The problem was that I kept avoiding hand stitching the binding on the two full size quilts until a few weeks ago. I even set a new goal for myself by texting my daughter to tell her the quilts would be dropped in the mail that week. With the new goal in hand I started sewing the binding on the first quilt, got about halfway around the piece before I was distracted by another project. Earlier this week I texted her again noting that I was having a problem with the binding and that it would be an additional week before the quilts would be sent to the girls. This week I spent each evening working on the bindings so that I would not have to send another text of regret. The added pressure on myself did the trick. The bindings are now done and the quilts will be in the mail early next week.

image image

The lesson that I learned from this is that I cannot  have more than one binding project at a time on my work table. If I do I get a bit overwhelmed and revert to my avoidance behavior.


… Now I should move on to the new quilt my daughter requested.

Technicolor Weave

Spring projects are well on their way. The new chicks arrived a week ago and they are growing like weeds.  The dogs are very jealous of the new creatures that are taking a fair amount of our time, so the bark at the chicks when we are with them but otherwise leave them alone. Our lab Ginger was not happy to give her kennel up to the new additions — even though she has not used the kennel in more than three years.

8 day old chicks (still using the heat lamp)

The wood is stacked in the garage for the new coop, we need to pick up some shingles, drip cap and gravel before our building party on Memorial weekend. We also have all the vegetable gardens planted and two new plum trees planted in the orchard. Maybe now I can get back to a bit of quilting and the occasional blog post.


This morning I finished the binding on my “Technicolor Weave” quilt. Joanne at SplittingStiches quilted the top with a pattern called “sparks”, it really complements the borders while not detracting from the fabric weave design.

Technicolor Weave

Just finished another quilt top that I have named technicolor weave. This 72 inch square top used 140 different fabrics. Thank goodness for charm packs and border prints. I had a great time putting it together.


Technicolor weave


Another UFO has made it back onto the sewing table. I started this paper pieced snowflake quilt about five years ago, after a few units I decided to move on to another project, or two, three or more… About a week ago I took it out and set a goal to finish it by mid-spring.

snowflake quilt unitsI am close to the halfway point on the units….we will see if I keep up the momentum or find another project to turn my attentions towards….


Dreaming of Spring

dreaming of spring quilt

With all of the snow and single digits temperatures I found some time to finish another quilt top. This one was created for a quilt challenge at our local quilt guild. We were asked to create a quilt using the color of the flower or gem for our birth Month.  Since I was born in March it was a double challenge for me since almost never use yellow in my quilts.

New project started…

For Christmas a got a few new fabrics, two of which I liked so much that I just had to cut into them…. so much for finishing the two quilts I have on the cutting table and the half a dozen or so tops waiting to be quilted.

I spent Friday evening cutting the fabric units.


Saturday after a bit of shoveling and errand running I finished the first block.


The blocks are a combination of machine piecing and hand applique. I believe that this will be one of those tops that I will complete quickly…. Not so sure how long it will take me to quilt since I will more than likely hand quilt the top.

Holiday fun…

We had a wonderful Christmas break — friends, family, good food and time for crafts.  We didn’t get any snow for Christmas day, but it snowed the entire day after, so we had time to work on our respective craft projects in the studio with the wood stove at full burn.

I managed to get another quilt finished over the Christmas break and will start another for New Years. The one that I finished this week is a modified cathedral window pattern, the pieces of which I carried around in my busy box (hand work that I carry on road trips and to appointments) for the past 10 months. The quilt is called Winter Skies and created with a combination of hand and machine piecing/quilting using batik fabrics.


Now on to the next projects….

Hope that your holidays were all that you wanted them to be.

Star Burst Quilt

One more bed quilt for our home done, just two more to make. After a year of working on this project I can finally call it complete. I pieced this quilt for our guest bedroom, and Joanne Lendaro did the longarm quilting for me.

Queen sized machine pieced and quilted

Queen sized machine pieced and quilted


New Project Underway

I thought it would be interesting to use a very traditional pattern using some rainbow color fabrics. Being who I am an easy pattern wasn’t chosen — the golden wedding ring is what was cut. I will get lots of practice with curves on this one…


Lilies on the Pond

I love lily pads, the flowers they produce and the insects that they attract. So much so, that last year I started designing a quilt that reflected my love of pond and toad lilies. This summer I finished the folded blocks and piecing, and about a week ago the machine quilting was done. I used a dense but simple quilting pattern on the top so that the flowers and origami butterflies would stand out on the piece.

lily pond quilt

The picture shows the machine quilting. I am in the process of sewing down the flower petals, once this is done the butterflies and beaded embellishments will be added.


Procrastination Can Be Productive


At our October quilt guild meeting the theme for the Christmas gift exchange was announced. This year we are to make cookie and tea quilts (mug rugs) for exchange at the December pot luck dinner. I groaned a bit under my breath at the meeting, but then an idea came to me. With all of the other items that I am creating for the holiday season I couldn’t see where I was going to find the time to work on project. Then preparing the yard, and the vegetable and flower beds for the winter came up on the to-do list. Yesterday we spent the entire day out in the yard pulling/cutting plants, fertilizing and caging young items to keep the deer and wild turkeys on their best behavior.  We were going to do more yard work today, but my friend procrastination came for a visit and the yard will now wait until next weekend and my sewing machine spent the day working. I am happy to say that I finished the little cookie and tea quilt and will shortly be moving on to a quilting project that has been on my large machine for the past two months.


So I guess the moral of this story is that procrastination can make you productive in unplanned ways…

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