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Smokey Mountain Christmas

I spent this fall and early winter working on a Christmas cross stitch project for my honey. I really, really found this project enjoyable and the color selection relaxing.  The finished piece was turned into a wall hanging using some simple log cabin blocks.


Circling the Sun

after almost two years (this one sat in the UFO pile a few times) I finally finished my paper pieced Circling the Sun quit top.


Now how should it be quilted? Any ideas?

Holiday break

We have a nice week long holiday break during which we have to do zero traveling, so I decided that it was time to attach my 8 year old fabric scrap bin. As it turned out there was enough fabric in it to make at least two king size quilts.

I sorted the larger pieces into two pile: remnants that could be turned into 1 1/2 strips for a pencil quilt, and others that could be cut into 2 1/2 inch patches for an English paper piecing project that I have been working on for the past two years.

The remnants for the paper piecing project have been put aside for now ans as the picture below shows I have cut a number of strips for the pencil quilt and have about 50 of the 120 blocks that I will need for the quilt either started or completed.


I plan on finishing cutting and/or piecing strips and shorting the strips into color categories by the end of our holiday break. If time allows many of the blocks will also be completed and staged for pressing and trimming.

Hope that you are doing something fun for the holidays.


Baby quilt moving along

I love rainy weekends. We get to cut down on outdoor chores and working on fun things. This Saturday I baked a few loves of sourdough bread, and sat at my sewing machine for a few hours. Sewing time this week let me finish the bottom of my grandsons quilt and start on the appliqué on the top portion of the top.


I still need to cut and appliqué a few stars to float around the sun before I can finish sewing the top together… It looks like the little man may get his quilt before he is six months old 😀

Mariner’s Compass quilt

Now that the quilts for the grandchildren are complete I have moved my mariner’s compass top back to the worktable. The center of this top consists of five rounds of paper pieced units. Since each of the rounds is circular, and sewing circles is one of my weakest areas, I am hand appliquéing the rounds to each other. This technique may take a bit longer than machine joining, but for me, the results are better. And since there are some many small units and repeated patterns in the stars I am using freezer paper pattern templates. The freezer paper allows me to only have to draw each pattern once and then stack template paper and use an unthreaded needle on my sewing machine to create multiple foundation patterns at once — it also means that I do not have to pick paper out of seams at the end of the project. 👍


I hope to complete the quilt center in the next week or so, and another month or two to complete the multiple borders selected for the piece. The the end of the project the top will be approximately 90 inches square.

The following Videos demonstrate a few of the techniques I am using in this project

Star quilt update

this past weekend we were very busy with outdoor chores. Leaves were raked into the woods or the compost pile, bases of the young fruit trees were wrapped and deer proof cages placed around them, rain barrels drained, all fruit trees and bushes fertilized, and finished the chicken coop weatherization. These chores made for busy days and some welcome restful evenings. For the evenings we started the wood stove in the family room and each worked on or respective crafts. This craft time allowed me to make a bit of progress on my nested star quilt top.

Star quilt round four

Hopefully after next weekends chores I will have time to stitch the four star units to each other and start on the circle of flying geese that will circle the stars.

Have a great week…

Nested Squares quilt top complete

nestedSquaresFinished another quilt top this morning. I wanted to make a thank you gift for a friend who stepped outside of her comfort zone to assist us in a time of need. Even though I have not felt like quilting for the last month or so I needed to create something relatively quickly that I would be proud to gift. What I ended up doing for the project was to match a solid Kona cotton with a jelly roll of Batik fabrics to create blocks that created blocks within blocks using the log cabin technique.  The jelly roll fabrics were 2 1/2 inches wide, solid fabric within the blocks 1 1/2 inches in width, solid bands between blocks 2 inches wide, and border 2 1/2 inches wide. I really like the finished top and hope that she will as well.

What do you think of this top?

Squares in Square Quilt Top

This morning I finished a 66  x  76 inch top that I will be quilting for a secret Santa gift for a woman at the local shelter. I hope to get  couple of child size quilts done this season for the same place as well.

2014 squares in squaresWith the snow that is currently coming down I should be able to get a fair amount of sewing in the next few days.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Chugach Sunset

Another one of my quilts made it out of the UFO pile this week. After 4 years and a move across the country I finally finished Chugach Sunset. This inspiration for this piece was the Chugach mountain range that we had the pleasure of viewing from the back of our house when we lived in Alaska. Towards the end of the summer season when the stars became visible again we were treated to some of the most colorful sunsets with the mountains as a backdrop.

Chugach sunset 2014The french braid pattern on this 90X120 inch quilt are designed to represent the mountains and the colors that can be found at the different altitudes. I love the colors  and the stained glass feel of the finished top…. No more big tops until the winter.

Technicolor Weave

Spring projects are well on their way. The new chicks arrived a week ago and they are growing like weeds.  The dogs are very jealous of the new creatures that are taking a fair amount of our time, so the bark at the chicks when we are with them but otherwise leave them alone. Our lab Ginger was not happy to give her kennel up to the new additions — even though she has not used the kennel in more than three years.

8 day old chicks (still using the heat lamp)

The wood is stacked in the garage for the new coop, we need to pick up some shingles, drip cap and gravel before our building party on Memorial weekend. We also have all the vegetable gardens planted and two new plum trees planted in the orchard. Maybe now I can get back to a bit of quilting and the occasional blog post.


This morning I finished the binding on my “Technicolor Weave” quilt. Joanne at SplittingStiches quilted the top with a pattern called “sparks”, it really complements the borders while not detracting from the fabric weave design.

Snowflakes Quilt Top Done

I finished the snowflakes quilt top this afternoon. It only took me 4 years to finish this one, when we moved 4 years ago the project had a hard time making it out of the UFO pile. Now I just need to decide on how it will be quilted. Any ideas?


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