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Another quilt top completed

I finally  finished my Cubic Stars quilt top. For the last year I had hand stitched this  English paper piecing top for a number of hand dyed fabrics along with a couple of other favorites. Now I just need to sandwich the top and put it aside for hand quilting this winter.



Diamond play update

Over the past several weeks I’ve made some progress on my diamond play English paper piecing quilt top. The project is up to about 800 different hexagon and diamond units that have been had pieced. I probably have to add another 200 – 300 units before I can start weaving the boarders.

Diamond play English paper piecing quilt top

My goal is to have this top stitched together by mid fall so that I have a project to hand quilt over the winter.

Wish me luck on actually completing the project and moving it to the UFO pile.

Driftwood Garden

Driftwood buttons were used in the flowers and stone beads and bone buttons were used in the quilt header

Driftwood buttons were used in the flowers and stone & wooden beads and bone buttons were used in the quilt header


button garden

I just finished a hand pieced and quilted wall hanging based on Grandmothers Garden done with paper piecing. The technique that I employed folded the batting into the origami folded units, which allowed me to quilt as I went.

button -grandmothers garden

Driftwood buttons were placed in the center of each unit to add some additional dimension.

button garden closeup

This project was great to work on during car trips waiting for appointments.

Kicking Grandmother’s Garden up a Notch

A co-working has given up her knitting business and as such wanted to divest herself of a large number of supplies. Fortunately I inherited a large collection of wooden buttons a large supply of various beads. I was so pleased with some of the buttons that I needed to start using the immediately.

I decided to put a new spin on the Grandmothers Garden patter by using origami fabric flowers as the blocks and one of the lovely set of buttons as the centers for blocks.  All of the blocks are hand stitched,the batting and backing added as the blocks are formed, and the units are hand pieced together. The following picture shows the number of blocks that I have completed to date.

grandmothers garden

Long Weekend…

With the promise of our first true spring days we decided to take a 4 day weekend and make the 6 hour drive to visit with family and friends in Pennsylvania. So we made arrangements at our favorite Residence Inn, packed an bag (and of course some hand quilting for myself), some of our favorite foods (the farm country of PA is not known for gluten-free or low-fat foods), and put the dogs in the back of the car, then headed out at about 8am Friday morning. We were blessed with a sunny virtually traffic free drive on the way down, a hotel that loves to have four legged guests  and a wonderful visit.

The drive home was just as beautiful and it was so nice to see the trees in PA, New York and Connecticut starting to burst … can not say the same thing about the trees in Vermont/ northern New Hampshire at this point, but we did return home to much less snow on the ground. As an added bonus I was able to complete about 30 squares for a quilt that I am working on.

flower blocks

Have a wonderful week.


Interesting Quilting Resources


appliqué (Photo credit: lovefibre)

The following are a few sites that one of our guild members posted on our listserve. I found the resources inspiring and the tutorials helpful — so I thought that I would pass them along.

Flower Show

Today was our quarterly shopping trip to replenish he pantry. It was a gorgeous day for a 4 hour drive (round trip) — the sky was a lovely blue, the air crisp, very few cars on the road, good conversation and wall hanging to finish. And finish the wall hanging I did. It is pictured below.

On the way home we took a bit of A side trip to King Arthur Flour in Norwich.  Haven’t been there since they renovated the store and bakery — quite impressive. …

flower show

This quilt was created a a reminder of all the Philadelphia Flower Shows that I enjoyed when we lived in PA. The units origami flowers that were folded around a batting center — that allows you to quilt as you go. The 96 units were then hand stitched together into the wall hanging on the rocker in the picture. Not sure what I am going to do with the quilt, but I enjoyed the process.

Hexagon Flowers

IMG_0967I love these hexagon flowers — they are very easy to make and scale. They also help in using up leftover fabric and batting. I cut a large number of fabric and batting units and carry them with me to work on during car trips, waiting for appointments and  to work on during meetings at work.

The following will step you through cutting and sewing together the units.

  1. Cut 8″ fabric hexagons (6″ & 4″ ones work as well if you like smaller units). Note: the finished flowers will be half the size of the fabric units.
  2. Cut 4″ batting hexagons (3″ & 2″ ones for smaller units).IMG_0970
  3. Mark the center of the  batting and the center of fabric hexagons and each of the sides on the back of the units.
  4. Layer the hexagon, right side down, with the batting hexagon centered on top of the backside of the fabric hexagon. Keep the layers centered and take a couple of hand stitches at the very center, or use a fusible spray.
  5. Fold opposite sides of the fabric hexagon around the front, matching the center marks on the side of the hexagon with the center of the batting. Hold in place with a few hand stitches.


  6. Continue folding all six sides of the fabric around to the front, leaving the folded ears loose.
  7. Fold the hexagon in half; pin the ear (triangle) so it lines up perfectly. Sew the triangles, wrong sides together, along the small batting hexagon.


  8. Open up each ear and flatten. With right sides together, fold up the loose point at the center so it lines up with the outside point of the hexagon. It will look like a diamond with the wrong sides of the fabric showing.
  9. Bring the two long raw edges together. Press in place.


  10. Bring the top half of the diamond down to meet in the center of the hexagon. This will give you 3 dimensional diamonds, with all sides finished, on top of a hexagon. Take one or two stitches to tack the points down.
  11. Stitch a small button in the center of the hexagon to cover the center tips of the diamonds.



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