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English paper piecing

Making slow but sure progress on my king sized English paper piecing project. Started working on squaring up the edges of the project. This process turned out to be a bit more complex than I had envisioned, especially since I didn’t bother to develop a pattern before starting the project, but I think I have a template now. So it should be smooth sailing going forward. Still hope to finish this project this year.DFD8E92F-84DF-4BF9-A483-8B6D9467D144

Scrappy Star quilt

Finished hand piecing the last of the hexagon diamond blocks over the winter, now it is time to piece the 3000 English paper pieced hexies into a scrappy king sized star quilt.



Box Play

This morning I finished sewing the binding around a hand pieced wall quilt that was in my sewing travel box for 18 months. I used the English paper piecing technique and a number of hand dyed and batik fabric scraps to create this piece. The top was then sandwiched with Soft and Natural 100% cotton batting and the black batik fabric used for some of the stars on the top.  I then machine quilted the top with a smoke colored filament thread.


I love English paper piecing so much that I am currently working on a king sizes quilt top using 1 inch hexagons that are being arranged in an interlocking star pattern. The nice this is that I am using several years worth of fabric scraps to create the units. Working with the scraps from various quilts that I have made over the years brings back lots of memories and adds an interesting history to what I suspect will be a three year project.

Another quilt top completed

I finally  finished my Cubic Stars quilt top. For the last year I had hand stitched this  English paper piecing top for a number of hand dyed fabrics along with a couple of other favorites. Now I just need to sandwich the top and put it aside for hand quilting this winter.


A bit of project time

Erma Bombeck said that when life deals you lemons make lemonade. This weekend we were given two days of rain, while we are very happy for the gardens it didn’t allow for any outdoor projects, so we put the project list aside, slowed the past down a bit and turned the weekend into a crafting period.

My partner pulled out the bead loom and started working on a project that haven’t been touched in months and I organized a long-term paper piecing project, and got re-acquainted with my sewing machine by working on a project I started last winter.


I always have at least one long-term project in the works. This one is a scrappy English paper piecing project that has been underway for about a year and has about another 2 years before the king sized quilt will be pieced. All piecing is being done by hand and the fabrics are from my scrap bags.


Pieces from a king sized quilt project I started this past winter. I should have all of the house blocks done this weekend.


My honey’s bead project. About 66 lines done, another 300 to go. Another piece in the Alaskan wildlife series.

English paper piecing project

With the hot weather we have received recently I have been able to make some progress on the English paper piecing project I started several months ago. All of the full stars have been added and the partial stars that will abut the border are created.

english paper piecing

We have a long car trip to visit family in the near future so I should be able to complete the top by mid-September. I really loved working on this piece but I will be just as happy to finish the top so that I can move on to other projects this fall and hand quilting the top this winter.

Diamond play update

Over the past several weeks I’ve made some progress on my diamond play English paper piecing quilt top. The project is up to about 800 different hexagon and diamond units that have been had pieced. I probably have to add another 200 – 300 units before I can start weaving the boarders.

Diamond play English paper piecing quilt top

My goal is to have this top stitched together by mid fall so that I have a project to hand quilt over the winter.

Wish me luck on actually completing the project and moving it to the UFO pile.

Moving right along…

This weekend we are scheduled to get another 6-8 inches of snow, so I’ve had some time to finish the center unit to my English paper piecing project (264 – 1 inch diamonds and equilateral triangles). I was even able to start some of the stars and hexies for the next layer of the top.

floating blocks english paper piecing projectI truly love hand piecing projects, even though that take a long time to complete (it will take me 6-9 months to finish this top). Fortunately, I will have several hours next week to work on start pieces as we dive to and from the Vermont Flower Show.  I am really looking forward to the touch of spring the show will provide and the workshops and seminars we can attend at the event.

New project started

I started a new hexagon project today to practice fussy cutting log cabin block centers. So far I have managed to get four of the ten colors around each of the centers.

Log cabin blocks

Not it sure what I will do with the blocks when they are done, but I am having fun putting the together…

I have also made a bit more progress on my floating block quilt as well.

Floating blocks

tomorrow I should put aside the quilting and do a bit of cooking and some cleaning. Why does life get in the way when you want to have fun?

More project time

We are in the middle of the second snow storm in as many weeks. We were fortunate with last weeks storm when we only got a foot of snow. This week it looks like we will get between 1 and 1.5 feet of snow over the next couple of days, I love the snow, but at this time of year it is getting hard to figure out where to put all of white stuff that has to be moved from the driveway and around the out buildings…. at times it is hard to believe that we should be starting veggie seeds in the next week or two….. Oh well time to procrastinate a bit…

This morning I started a nice pot of navy bean soup that will be severed with some olive rosemary bread I made the other day, set the wood stove and picked up with a few craft projects that I have been working on.

The needlepoint project posted a week or so ago is moving along.

equality needlepoint I still need to finish the border, add all the words into the background and finish the embellishments.

Over the past few days I have also been working on my English paper piecing project.

floating baby blocks

I have about 10 more baby blocks to piece, then I need to add the triangles between the units and piece all the units together for the center of the quilt. The next series of units to be worked on are the larger hexagon shapes that will have six pointed stars in the center. I plan on having 6-8 rows of the star hexies around the outside of the floating blocks.

Hope you all stay warm…

paper piecing update…

This week we have had several cold and sunny days that have kept me out of my basement quilting room and upstairs enjoying the warm sunshine streaming in the windows and getting a head start on a number of spring activities like planning out the vegetable gardens and getting some deep cleaning, closet painting and equipment repair done. As a reward for checking projects off the list, break time was spent working on the center section of my mini english paper piecing project (each segment is about an inch wide). I love it when you can start to see something drawn on grid paper come to life….

2015 floating blocks

The center section will be nine block square, the second section will be six point stars of equal depth, and the final section will be a collection of hexagons and one inch squares. I hope to have the project finished sometime in the fall. At all levels I plan on floating the main elements and laying them out so that it appears that light is shining from the top right down.

Spring Snows

During the long car trip to and from the in-laws as well as during  the visit I worked on the hexagons in the following quilt. I then used the  week between Christmas and New Years to piece and quilt this fun wall quilt.  The inspiration for the piece was the colors that you find in packed snow mounds in late winter or early spring.

2015 Spring Snows quiltsI just love working with hexagons — they are a great way to mix hand piecing with machine work. I think they will find their way into a few more quilts this year.

Christmas Tree Skirt Update

Wanted to share the progress that I have made on my Christmas tree skirt. So far I have invested about 40 hours in the English paper piecing project and completed half of the poinsettia band of the skirt.

2014- Christmas tree skirt


If I can invest another 80 or 90 hours the skirts should be ready for this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Skirt

I am down to the last two paper pieced blocks for my quilt-as-you go project so I just had to start a new project. It seams that I am not comfortable unless I have 4-5 quilting projects going at the same time. The latest project is an English paper pieced tree skirt.

Christmas tree skirt

The skirt will have a dozen poinsettias circling around the midpoint of the skirt and holly leaves at the base, with a beige background in multiple shades of the color.   The skirt will be hand pieced (great travel project) and quilted. It was just started this month and I told my family that I would finish it for the Christmas season, fortunately I didn’t say which year 🙂



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