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Working on the sky background for the frog quilt

Working on the sky background for the frog quilt

Project start

Frog quilt project drawing

Frog quilt project drawing

7/26/2013: I have started working on the second of 4 projects that I have envisioned for my totem series — a frog, the totem of my partner.

wolf quilt top

7/24/2013: Wolf top is done and ready to be quilted. Now I just have to find a quilter to work on the project.
4_26_wolf project

4/26/2012: The wolf’s back and and portions of his face have been cut and placed — need to do some top stitching on the new units prior to stitching them to the background. Unfortunately I lost one of my template pieces for the quilt when sewing room was packed up for room renovations, so I will have to go into Photoshop and generate to piece again.
wolf march13

4/1/2013: sky and wolf back complete now working on the ears.


1/26/2013: Started working on the pattern units — will have a lot of fun with this project.

1/21/2013: The fabrics have arrived and the pattern has been cut apart and are ready to get started.

1/18/2013: Just got a shipping confirmation on the fabrics for this quit. They should arrive sometime next week … I cannot wait to see them.

Getting ready to start a new design project which I have given the working name of “Totems”.

I have always felt that the wolf was my totem, so I thought that is was about time that  I created a quilt that paid homage to that wonderful creature.

The following is the design drawn out on freezer paper.

wolf drawing

I spent a fair amount of time this week selecting fabrics  — a few I had in my stash and others I had to order online (we live in a very rural area so most non-essentials have to be ordered in). So, now I just need to wait for the orders to come in and then the fun begins….


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