Sun over the Mountain

I made this quilt for one of my inlaws after she and her husband went through some really hard times. I used a variety of sun patterns because it is one of her favorite designs and used border colors that she also liked.

The top was hand pieced and then a combination of hand and machine quilting was used to finish the product.

This 60 x 80 inch quilt was finished in September 2006.

Frogs at Play

I made this very playful quilt for my partner who’s totem is the frog favorite of which is the red eyed tree frog. She picked her on fabrics and I created the quilt based on a Javaquilts pattern.

The frog on the front of the quilt is climbing across the log cabin blocks to join her fellow frog appliqued on the back of the quilt. To create this quilt I pieced the top and appliqued the first frog on the quilt. The top was then layered with the batting and backing and quilted. Then the second frog was appliqued on the back.

The quilt was finished in January 2006.

International Women’s Day: The Peacekeepers

This quilt was inspired by the border fabrics that I found on the flat fold table at the Good Store in Blue Ball, PA. The outside border is covered with women from around the world holding or teaching young children, and the inside border displays peace in a number of different languages. The weave pattern represents how all their lives and methods of teaching their young are intertwined.

The colors used in the weave were selected from the colors in the outside border and piece was quilted in a harlequin pattern with clear nylon thread. Matching 16 inch pillow were also created to be displayed with the piece.

Quilt was finished in May of 2006.

Dreaming of Spring

The idea for this quilt came from all the dreary gray days that we had in January and February of this year. I really needed some color to break the days and to take my mind off of some issues that I was having at work. The gray background fabric represents all the ice storms we had this year and the colors the spring flowers that will be popping up throughout our neighborhood in a month or two.

The background and backing fabric came from my stash and the colors were hand dyed by Dye Artists ( The design is based on a pattern developed by Colleen Wise. I quilted in the ditch with smoke colored nylon to enhance the design.

This quilt was finished February 2007 and has turned into a nice cuddle cover for family members.

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