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Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. o far ours has been quite enjoyable and productive. Our Thanksgiving dinner had to be moved back a day due to the big snowstorm that came through the area,

We spend Thanksgiving day clearing the 14 inches of snow that fell and then re-clearing areas where the snow fell off of roofs… needless to say by the end of the day we were sore and tired. the evening was spent with a healthy dose of aspirin and old movies.

cleaning up Tanksgiving snowFriday was spent cooking dishes for friends joining us for dinner in the morning and enjoying good food and conversation in the afternoon with our guests.   We started our meal with an appetizer of local cheeses, crackers and cranberry chutney.  For the celebration meal we made:

Our guests added some lovey side dishes to the meal as well.  For desert we made caramel apple cheesecake that was served with a variety of herbal teas.

The dinner and company was enjoyable, but the meal was packed with more rich ingredients and sugar than we normally eat, so many of the leftovers were given away so that we can get back to normal eating as soon as possible…but it was good for a day 🙂

After all of the outdoor work on Thursday and cooking on Friday, we decided to use Saturday working on our respective crafts. For my activity I worked on a two UFOs in my quilting pile. By midday I managed to finish a quilt that I have been working on for the past four years.

Chugach sunset 2014 quilt

Chugach sunset quilt

Tree Skirt Update

After investing another 40-50 hours it looks like I may be able to complete the tree skirt by Christmas, but will not get it quilted for this season. … to many other project calling for attention, also not finding working with beige fabrics 🙂

2014 Christmas tree skirt

Gifts from the Kitchen

The holidays are in the air… this week I started pulling holiday gift baskets together. This year we decided to give friends and family gifts from the kitchen and a few crafts.

A few of the items we made for gifting are:

The following picture is of the items made this week,.

gifts from the kitchenNow we just need to finish the craft items and start to pack things up for house visits and mailing. … really love this time of the year.

Hope all of your holiday plans go according to plan.

Christmas Season Underway

Now that the Thanksgiving dishes are cleaned and fall decorations are put away, it was time to go under the stairs and pull out Christmas  items. That is after a bit of time out in the Black Friday crowds — fortunately, our town is so small that the crowds were just a ripple — although we waited in line for 40 minutes at Kohls — fortunately we were able to snag a new vacuum for the house at a great price and get home in time for lunch. After a nice lunch of 20 bean soup and some homemade bread, we started putting up the tree in the living room.

2013 Christmas treeBy the end of the night the tree was fully decorated, wreath was up on the door  and the small table top tree was up and decorated in the bedroom. Tonight we are sitting with the glow of the tree lights enjoying the mood.  May you all have a wonderful holiday season.

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