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Almost done

The only thing left on this little lovely is the background. The background stitching will be done in blackwork and have stitch shading that will make the center pattern look like it is pushing off the fabric.


With the strange and sometimes frighting events 2020 has provided I find that a reminder from time to time that this to shall pass is a necessity. So, during the social distancing period and time of odd weather patterns I am stitching some needlework pieces with positive messages. My Hope piece is the first completed work in this series.

Yin yang update

Starting to make some headway on the yin yang piece by Aaron Art. Between color changes I am working the outline for the blackwork background. Once the outlining is done the fill will be added to add shadow around the main subject of the piece.

Peppermint Purple stitch-a-long: Part 2

I am also enjoying this SAL. It take such a short amount of time to complete the weekly installments and it is fun to learn new stitches. The following shows what I was able to complete through the end of the month.

Peppermint Purple stitch-a-long

Peppermint Purple in the UK is offering a mystery Blackwork stitch-a-long (SAL) that has weekly installments. One of the nice things about this SAL is that each of the installment takes less than an hour to complete. Another is that the designer recommends thread selections and a recommend design grid, both of which make this SAL easy for beginning stitchers, yet also interesting for more advanced stitchers. The following is a picture of my start for this SAL.

Pillow fun

There is a silver lining in every dark cloud. I was able to avoid colds and flu the winter, but after several days of spring gardening I was struck a flu that kept me in the house and under covers for a week. Not being one that can do nothing I picked a scrap piece of cross stitch fabric and a nice red thread and stitched a pillow cover of blackwork patterns (my silver lining).

Cup full of wishes finished

Thanks to a couple of spring days of sleet and snow I was able to finish the stitching on Cup Full of Wishes. I will be turning this piece into a pillow that will be gifted the next holiday season.

Stitched on an 18 count, opalescent Aida fabric

Cup full of wishes

The rainy weather this past weekend allowed me to start a blackwork and counted cross stitch piece that will be turned into a holiday pillow to accompany a postage stamp quilt. The needlework piece is titled Cup full of wishes by Valentina Sardu, and the postage stamp quilt is designed with holiday fabric scraps that I have collected for the past 15 years.

The cross stitching on this piece was stitched with single threads of DMC floss on an 18 count white opalescent Aida fabric. Outlining for the gloves UVA’s done with a black 40 ply Egyptian cotton. All blackwork in the gloves and cup steam will be completed with a slate gray DMC floss, and the work on the cup will be stitched with an opalescent thread.

Botanical Garden finished

I have my first craft finish for 2019. Almost 100,000 stitches later my Botanical Garden quilt is finished, washed, pressed and added to the finishing queue. The combination of blackwork and counted cross stitching on the piece was so much fun to work.


Botanical garden: Part 7

Now that my holiday projects are done I started working on the botanical garden piece again. Finally figured out the blackwork pattern on the “B” letter, and finished outline the border. Just four letters to finish before I can call this piece complete.


Noel, noel

Just finished my first holiday pillow of the season. The combination cross stitch and blackwork portion of the pillow is a free Elizabeth Almond pattern I found online. This pillow top was so much fun to do that I think I may do another one before the holiday season is over.


Botanical alphabet: Part 6

Another row finished, time to adjust the frame. Two more rows of letter blocks to finish the piece.  Really loving how this is turning out.


Enchanted Gardens update

A day full of summer rain gave me the encouragement I needed to finish another row on my botanical WIP instead of doing some long overdue house projects.


Truly love the combination of cross stitch and blackwork in this piece.

First gift of the year completed


Finished stitching my first wedding gift of the year. I really enjoyed stitching this tree of life and selecting the quote that I felt was appropriate for the couple. Now I just need to get it framed and in the mail before the wedding.


Sampler progress – June

i have made a bit more progress on my garden sampler, but with the warmer weather upon us less and less time is being dedicated to stitching and more time to outdoor pursuits. Hopefully I will carve out a bit of time in July for a new row start.


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