Snapshots of life and crafts on our little homestead

Tree of Life Quilt: Part 2

To create the large number of half triangle squares for my tree of life quit the following quick piecing method was used to create 16 half triangle blocks at a time.



To start with you will need: fabric pieces cut for both triangles in the block, mechanical pencil, rotary cutter, and ruler marked at the cut point. I am making 1 1/2 inch blocks so my fabric pieces were cut to 6 I inches by 9 iniches, and ruler is marked with painters tape at 1 7/8 iniches.


Next on the back side of each of the light fabric pieces make a grid with pencil. An inch at the bottom and right, and in my case 1 7/8 iniches intervals up and from the right to left.


Next add the stitch guides by drawing a diagonal line through the squares. For this 16 block piece you should end up with two diamond shapes inside of the grid. Then sandwich the marked fabric piece with the contrasting fabric piece face to face.


Stitch a 1/4 inich away from each side of the diamond lines.


The stitched fabric sandwich should look like this picture.


Cut along all of the pencil lines. It is easiest to cut all of the straight line first, then move onto the diagonal cuts.


Once all of the pencil lines have been cut you will have 16 half square blocks that can be pressed and tails trimmed.


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