My crafting and family life journal

A bit of project time

Erma Bombeck said that when life deals you lemons make lemonade. This weekend we were given two days of rain, while we are very happy for the gardens it didn’t allow for any outdoor projects, so we put the project list aside, slowed the past down a bit and turned the weekend into a crafting period.

My partner pulled out the bead loom and started working on a project that haven’t been touched in months and I organized a long-term paper piecing project, and got re-acquainted with my sewing machine by working on a project I started last winter.


I always have at least one long-term project in the works. This one is a scrappy English paper piecing project that has been underway for about a year and has about another 2 years before the king sized quilt will be pieced. All piecing is being done by hand and the fabrics are from my scrap bags.


Pieces from a king sized quilt project I started this past winter. I should have all of the house blocks done this weekend.


My honey’s bead project. About 66 lines done, another 300 to go. Another piece in the Alaskan wildlife series.


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