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Ornament design update

I had a great idea for making needlepoint, cross stitch or Blackwork Christmas ornaments for each of our family member this year. I picked out a number of patterns, made sure I had enough canvas, threads and embellishments for the job. The first ornament was completed and I rushed into the second, then as with many things My interest started to waver. There are now several pages in my design book detailing the ornaments I planned on making and maybe some day they will actually be stitched, but for now they have been put aside and other projects are started.

I have come to find that the for me the design process is much more fun that the actual execution. Maybe I will pick them up again next summer when I need small projects to travel with.

For this season only two ornaments will be completed. The bell project was posted in an earlier post and the snowflake ornament is posted below.

Snowflake cross stich

Do you finish all the projects incision end? If so how do you keep yourself motivated?


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