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Lady at the lake 2

Over the past few weeks I have made a great deal of progress on the 27″ x 47″ lady at the beach (working title) needlepoint piece. The lady’s dress was finished with wool and silk/wool blend yarns. The fields and walking path have been completed for the most part — still need to finish adding the tree details in the field, but will wait until the unit is on a stretcher frame to complete the area.

I love the way the mountains are coming together, but have had a hard time finding the right color yarn for the water area. A variegated teal yarn  was settled for since I am tired of looking for just the right color set. In the end I think the color will be fine, but I really wish I could have found the right blue shades…

Due to the size of the canvas I need to build a custom stretcher frame. The wood has been cut and is sitting on the workbench in the garage. Unfortunately, holiday and house projects require that frame building and additional stitch work be placed on hold for the next several weeks.


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