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Lady at the lake

I started the second project in my dancing lady series a few weeks ago. The series will contain four 4 foot by 6 foot works when completed. Each work will have the same female figure as the central focus with a different background and medium.

The first lady project was a quilt top finished in the spring that still waiting to be quilted.

dancing to the light of the moon

The second is a large needlepoint piece that allows me to explore a series of very interesting stitches and yarns. I found drawing the pattern on the canvas very easy, but made a number of mistakes when painting the canvas. I used the wrong type of brush to paint with so had some heavy spots on the unit, and allowed the painted canvas to dry on newspaper which caused the newsprint to adhere in places on the back of the canvas.  Both mistakes could be worked around with a bit of effort but I distorted the canvas a bit when correcting the issues, hopefully I can correct the situation when blocking the unit. All in all I learned a number of valuable lessons and will do better with my next needlepoint design.

lady on the lake needlepoint

So far the stitch that I am using for the dress is one of my favorites, but have selected a really interesting bargello pattern that uses three shades of blue for the water that may become a new favorite.

needlepoint stich
What are some of your favorite stitches?


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