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August: the month of canning

tomatoesAugust was so packed with activity that it came and went very quickly. During the month we took a road trip to visit with family in PA, picked blueberries and blackberries, harvested and canned a number of vegetables, and dehydrated a large number of herbs and root veggies.

canningWe canned green beans, carrots, various types of tomatoes, cucumbers, condiments, fruit jams, and small batch specialty items (even made some tomato jam for my mother).  The dehydrator ran almost daily packed with dill, basil, flat and curly parsley, sage, cilantro, kohlrabi, carrots, green beans, kale chips, apple chips and various greens.

dehydratorMid-month I also started the first batch of sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar to fermenting.

fermentingThe cool summer caused a number of our herbs to bolt so we let them go to seed thus allowing us to collect things like dill seed and coriander for the pantry.

At this in time point in time most of the flat surfaces in the kitchen are covered with trays of beans and seeds in various stages of the drying cycle.

In general, we got a lot of winter food prep done this month, but we didn’t get in any kayaking or hiking… hopefully we will have better luck in September.

How have your gardens been doing? What type of items have you preserved?


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