My crafting and family life journal

spring pulled an interesting switch on us this week. For the past several days the tempatures have been above 40 and sunny, the snows were melting away, and we could do a bit of yard cleanup. Yesterday afternoon our spring weather turned and it started snowing. By this morning there were four inches of new powder on the ground and the white stuff was still comming down. Not wanting to think about it or break the shovels out again, I started working on my Princess needlepoint piece again — great avoidance activity 🙂

Princess needlepoint

It is so nice to have another craft to fall back on during down time. All of the attention and training that our little Luna is taking at the moment has not let me touch my sewing machine in weeks.

Maybe I will get some hand quilting in when we take our next trip PA later this sping to visit the in laws…

oh well the puppy is awake and needs to go out…. More later.


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