My crafting and family life journal

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated my honey’s birthday.

image image image image image

We started the celebration early by attending the Vermont Flow Show on Friday where we got a small taste of spring and attended a wonderful workshop on growing and cultivating  herbal medicine bushes.

imageThe session was extremely informative and the presenter Julie Mitchell was very knowledgeable and sharing. I wish we could have attended some of the other workshops, but we needed to attend to a few other things on the birthday wish list.

Saturday we went to look at puppies and run a few errands. We spent the evening curled up together under quilts on the couch watching old movies — what a great way to spend an evening.


imageSunday was spent with our respective books in each other company enjoying the wood stove heat. I also spent a bit of time making the requested birthday dinner: beefless stew, fougasse stuffed with chopped olives and lots of fresh herbs and ended the meal with a Greek yogurt cheesecake topped with strawberries (this time of year I had to use some frozen strawberries I had in the freezer from last season).


… What an enjoyable chore-free weekend.


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