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paper piecing update…

This week we have had several cold and sunny days that have kept me out of my basement quilting room and upstairs enjoying the warm sunshine streaming in the windows and getting a head start on a number of spring activities like planning out the vegetable gardens and getting some deep cleaning, closet painting and equipment repair done. As a reward for checking projects off the list, break time was spent working on the center section of my mini english paper piecing project (each segment is about an inch wide). I love it when you can start to see something drawn on grid paper come to life….

2015 floating blocks

The center section will be nine block square, the second section will be six point stars of equal depth, and the final section will be a collection of hexagons and one inch squares. I hope to have the project finished sometime in the fall. At all levels I plan on floating the main elements and laying them out so that it appears that light is shining from the top right down.


Comments on: "paper piecing update…" (2)

  1. Wow! That’s an amazing color scheme. You chose the perfect colors for the grays and to accentuate the grays. All the angles look like it would quite a challenge to put together. Your paper piecing is so neat & tidy. Well done!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I love English paper piecing. It allows me to work on angles that I would be hard pressed to do on a machine.

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