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2015 projects started…

Last night I finished the “Dancing to the Light of the Moon” quilt top (the name may change) and this morning I packaged it up and sent it off to the person who will be quilting the piece. I really enjoyed designing and working on the top and will share project photos with you in a few months.

Getting to the post office this morning was a true test of my love of crafting since it was a -17 degrees Fahrenheit at 9 am and even the chickens didn’t want to leave the hen house. Nice thing about the weather is the trip to town was quick since the cold kept many off the streets. It has now warmed up to 1 degree outside (the high today will be 7), the wood stove have warmed the indoors up, chickens have been fed a warm oatmeal and dry corn mash (so they are very happy), So I can get back to a few new projects that I have on my list.

A few of the things that I would like to get done by the end of the month are to finish planning out the vegetable gardens and the associated starters.

i2015 seedsFinish beading a quilt I started a years ago — the butterfly garden turned out to be more than a notion… in the end there will be more than 10 tubes of beads in the top.

butterfly gardenAnd since I find it impossible to work n one project at a time a hand pieced mini quilt has also been started. The quilt used English paper piecing of units of an inch or less that will sewn into baby blocks and six pointed stars created with a number of hand died fabric scraps that I couldn’t part with.

2015hand pieced mini quilt


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