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happy-new-year-2015-greetingsWishing you all a happy new years! Our 2014 was full of ups and downs, fortunately there were more ups than downs during the year. We started the years with record snow storms and ended it with rains. In between our crops were kind to us, we raised a few new chickens, expanded the vegetable gardens, added some additional fruit trees, lots of canning and dehydrating of fruits and vegetables, and had to put a dear companion of ours to rest. Through all of these activities me  managed to spend a fair amount of time with those that are dear to us, I was able to get a fair amount of quilting done and the love of my life finished a large loom beading project and has move on to another.

Some to quilting projects this year were several pillows and a few quilts. The following is a recap of what I finished in this past year ( I also created a number of new UFOs).

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Over the holiday break  I finished piecing the first quilt for 2015 (much of the hand piecing was done on the trip to and from and in-laws and during the visit).

Quilting spring snows

Quilting spring snows

I have also had a bit of time to design and start two quilts that I will be submitting to shows this year… more on this in later posts.

My best to you and your families. Have a happy and healthy new year.



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