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Closing the year out…

Our 2014 is ending well. Yesterday we drove into the north country to have lunch with our friend Faye at the Tiny Thia. The conversation was so engaging that lunch spilled over into tea and desert at a local coffee house in Winooski that same afternoon. It is so nice when people just click together and can talk about anything….

Today we just relaxed with the a fully loaded wood stove and some of our favorite crafts. Mandy started a new beading project and I worked on quilting a top I finished shortly before Christmas and doing a bit of cooking.

simple egg custard

After all the rich food Christmas week I decided desired to whip up a few simple dishes to enjoy today. I started the day making a simple egg custard for the week (our girls are still producing more eggs than we can use – will have to break out the dehydrator tomorrow to powder a few dozen), and prepared a tasty black lentil and roasted sweet potatoes salad for dinner. I so love being back to simpler meals.



Comments on: "Closing the year out…" (2)

  1. Thanks for making – and writing about – the black beans with lentils recipe. I’m a quilter too – following your blog now with interest – Elizabeth

  2. We really enjoyed your dish Elizabeth. I would love to hear a bit about your quilting projects.

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