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October Pumpkin Harvest

Since there has been an abundance of pie pumpkins and butternut squash (these two can be used interchangeably in recipes) this season I have been collecting and preparing  a number of recipes I have collected and dehydrating as many of the gems as our machine can handle as possible (1/4 cup of dehydrated pumpkin makes a cup of nice thick puree). The following provide links to some of the yummy items that have been prepared in our kitchen over the past few weeks.

pumpkin ravioli

The pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sauce and pecans made for a wonderful Sunday with a harvest vegetable salad.


Honey Butter Pumpkin dinner rolls were made to complement a wonderful roasted parsnip, sweet potato and cherry tomato with caper dressing dish out of the Plenty cookbook.


This morning I made an iced pumpkin coffee cake as a treat for my honey as a thank you for the afternoon Cirque Du Soleil show to which I was treated.  The coffee cake was well liked and the show was well worth the three hour drive each way. Note: I cut the icing in half and it was still very good.


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