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Technicolor Weave

Spring projects are well on their way. The new chicks arrived a week ago and they are growing like weeds.  The dogs are very jealous of the new creatures that are taking a fair amount of our time, so the bark at the chicks when we are with them but otherwise leave them alone. Our lab Ginger was not happy to give her kennel up to the new additions — even though she has not used the kennel in more than three years.

8 day old chicks (still using the heat lamp)

The wood is stacked in the garage for the new coop, we need to pick up some shingles, drip cap and gravel before our building party on Memorial weekend. We also have all the vegetable gardens planted and two new plum trees planted in the orchard. Maybe now I can get back to a bit of quilting and the occasional blog post.


This morning I finished the binding on my “Technicolor Weave” quilt. Joanne at SplittingStiches quilted the top with a pattern called “sparks”, it really complements the borders while not detracting from the fabric weave design.


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