Snapshots of life and crafts on our little homestead

Menu Week of Febuary 9th

Yesterday we spent the day taking one of the cars in for servicing and running errands. These activities required that we drive a little over an hour from our home to one of the larger villages, so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch (and us up part a gift card that we received for Christmas). When we drove up to the Olive Garden in Keene we noticed that some snowmobile drivers had that same idea about where to have lunch (please excuse my finger in the lower right of the photo — I was using my cell phone to snap the picture.)

snowmobile lunch breakLunch was nice and the conversations interesting. We got home just in time to feed the animals and then head out to a friends for dinner and socializing. Robertine made a lovely vegetarian curry stew that was enjoyed by all. I commend her for trying a new recipe…

This week I will be cooking some old favorites, trying a new dish or two and modifying a comfort food that hasn’t been seen on our table in at least 10 years. Some of the items that we will be enjoying this week are:

lentil suffLentil Souffle — A light easy to create main dish. Great served with a nice salad.


Black eyed Peas and Kale Soup — the recipe for this hardy soup can be fond on The Whinery. The only modification that I made to the recipe was using dried black eyed pies that I soaked and pre-cooked instead of the canned version, and served the dish with some hot-water cornbread. I really love the combination of herbs and spices that she uses in her recipes.


Curry Chickpea Hummus with Raisins — I made this lovey hummus to be served with fresh vegetables for lunches this week. I made slight modifications to the recipe: I did not puree the currents (I wanted some texture) and I used a hot curry power (we like spice in our foods). The recipe can be found on the Plant Powered Kitchen blog.

Beefless Stew

For tonight’s dinner I have modified an old recipe to create a beefless stew using Gardein beefless tips and replacing beef broth with mushroom broth (vegetable broth would also work). You dredge and sear the tips just like you would for beef, but they are added to the vegetable mixture in the last 15-20 minutes of cooking.

seed sprouter

We are running low on bread so later this week I will be making some more sprouted loaves using sprouted quinoa and chia seeds. The seeds need to sit in the sprouter for another few days.

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