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At our October quilt guild meeting the theme for the Christmas gift exchange was announced. This year we are to make cookie and tea quilts (mug rugs) for exchange at the December pot luck dinner. I groaned a bit under my breath at the meeting, but then an idea came to me. With all of the other items that I am creating for the holiday season I couldn’t see where I was going to find the time to work on project. Then preparing the yard, and the vegetable and flower beds for the winter came up on the to-do list. Yesterday we spent the entire day out in the yard pulling/cutting plants, fertilizing and caging young items to keep the deer and wild turkeys on their best behavior.  We were going to do more yard work today, but my friend procrastination came for a visit and the yard will now wait until next weekend and my sewing machine spent the day working. I am happy to say that I finished the little cookie and tea quilt and will shortly be moving on to a quilting project that has been on my large machine for the past two months.


So I guess the moral of this story is that procrastination can make you productive in unplanned ways…


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    that is COOL

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