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Peeper Season in NH/VT

This week we had relatives from the West Coast come out to enjoy the change of colors with the rest of the visitors from around the world. They choose a perfect week for their visit, the tree colors are at their peek, the days are sunny and temperatures are in the 70s.

We started their visit with spending a day at Franconia Notch State Park where we took the aerial tramway to the top of the first sky way opened in the US to walk around the top of the mountain and to enjoy the vistas. The colors form the top of the mountain were amazing, the trails provided a many interesting plants and formations to look at and numerous path off-shoots provided nice rock formations to climb and rest upon.

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The next area that we explored was notch itself. The path through the notch is only about 2 miles, but that short distance is packed full of history and flora and fauna to explore. Along the path we took a lot of pictures and had some interesting conversations with other individuals along the path.

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Tuesday, we stayed close to home and our house guests explored preserve land behind our house.  It was really nice to take a day off from driving and to be able to catch up on a few things.

Wednesday we headed up to northwest Vermont and wondered around the town of Stowe, walked the grounds of the Von Trapp family lodge and ended the days excursion by touring the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream plant.

I bowed out of the touring our gusts around on Thursday to take care of a things, so Amanda took them around to see some covered bridges, the town of Hanover and King Arthur Flour (a local favorite).

Tomorrow Joe and Heidi head down to Boston to visit with our younger brother, so we will be able to get back into a normal routine. We have greatly enjoyed their visit and will miss them.


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