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Welcome Fall!

We were able to enjoy the first of what promises to be a series of wonderful fall weekends the last two days. Saturday we drove up to Lowell VT to spend that day with a friend and her family. The drive up 91 was breathtaking … the air was cool, the sun bright, very few cars on the road and the trees in the Northeast have already started crating patchworks across the mountains.


We started our visit with a trip to the Lowell fair that was held at the elementary school. This event gave us an opportunity to meet some of the locals and soak up a bit of the areas culture. We then headed up to Jay Peak ski area so that we could enjoy the vistas and snap a few photographs. Since this was just a short day trip we took a gondola up to the top of the peak, promising that we would hike up to the top of the peak in the spring.


On the ride up the peak we saw moose grazing below us and several hikers making their was up to the top. At the top it was so clear that we could see Lake Champlain to the north and White Mountains of NH to the south-east.


We finished our visit with having dinner at the Cajun Snack Bar in Lowell. The food was very good and company excellent. While we were waiting for our food a couple of the locals caught us up on auction that took place after we left the town fair — wish we could have stayed for the event, it sounded like great fun….


Sunday we went down the hill to Poverty Lane Orchards to pick up some local apples to prepare for the winter and spring months (we also get pears to supplement the harvest from our trees, cherries, raspberries and currents from here). We love being able to pick fruit locally at a place where we know the owners and how they treat their products while maintaining relativity small carbon footprint.


Today I am work on preparing and drying the apples that we picked at the orchard for winter pies, cakes and snacks. Well the sun has finally come out today so I am going to close this posting and head outside…







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