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What a great weekend!

We had what I would consider a perfect weekend. The days were sunny and warm and great times were had with friends. Friday night we visited with a couple in town who made us a wonderful cold dinner and provided some nice conversation as we walked the rail trail after sharing a meal.


On Saturday we went to the Cornish Fair with another couple where we spent the day taking in the events, trying different food items and chatting.


Today we stayed at home doing more to prepare for the fall and winter months. I canned 12 pints of green beans, dehydrated a number of herbs from our herb garden (thank goodness for the new dehydrator that my honey bought me), started preparing zucchini for the dehydrator (will start this in the morning) and baked some ancient grain bread since I was asked to make grilled cheese for dinner.

bean canning

Hope your weekend was as nice as ours.


Comments on: "What a great weekend!" (2)

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I’ve never heard of anyone dehydrating zucchini. What do you do with it?

    • You can rehydrate it and use it in breads or add the zucchini chips to a soup or stew with other dehydrated vegetables.

      I dehydrate a number of vegetables to take on camping and kayaking trips. They are very light weight, require no refrigeration so can be easily added to a camp meal or eaten as snacks.

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