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Today’s Bounty

The vegetables are starting to come in and round two of canning, dehydrating, and stocking the freezer is underway.

beets and greens

Now have enough beets to start canning the red ones, dehydrating the golden beets for chips and freezing the greens for the colder months.

Ceder Circle Organic Farm, VT provided a number of the beets in this picture (many of ours are still to small to pick).

Beet greens washed, picked over and being chopped for freezing. We ended up with 5 gallon freezer bags packed with lovely greens for this winter.


A few more vegetables picked today. The turnip greens in the sink are already cooking for tonight and the kohlrabi will be grated and served on tonight salad.

I really love being able to eat from our own gardens, and where necessary gather additional items from some of the organic gardens in our area.


Comments on: "Today’s Bounty" (2)

  1. Do you sauté the greens before you freeze them?

    • Tammy,

      I blanch the greens and then place them in an ice bath prior to packing in freezer bags. This allows me to use the greens in a number of different recipes.

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