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Canning season has started around our house — although it is on a small scale. Friday I went out to the orchard ans picked raspberries and tart cherries. The weather has been so wet that many of the berries and cherries have rotted on the bushes and trees, but I was able to retrieve enough to serve raspberries and cream for desert both Saturday and Sunday and enough cherries to can 7 pints for the winter.


Saturday morning we took a day trip and  drove north to Keepsake Quilting to search for some fabrics for a new quilt project.I found some wonderful patterns and even had to good fortune to find a few bolt ends for my stash. After about 1.5 hours in the quilt shop we drove down to Lake Winnipesaukee for a nice Saturday stroll and then off to a nice meal on the lake before heading home.

Some of the great fabrics acquired today

Some of the great fabrics acquired today

Once we go home and settled I prepared the cherries and we sterilized jars and canned a few pints (it is so nice to have help in the kitchen when canning). What a wonderful day….

cherry canning


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