My crafting and family life journal

Much to our delight the vegetable gardens and fruit trees are starting to produce. There are raspberries, blueberries starting to mature on the bushes, grape clusters have started to form on the vises and the apple, pear and cherry trees have started forming fruit. Now we just need to order some ladybugs for the aphids that have attached themselves to the Northern Spy apple tree.

The vegetable gardens have even started to show signs of the bounty to come this season.


radishes have provided their first crop


Tomato plants are in full bloom and starting to form fruit. Even the eggplant in the greenhouse with them have started to flower.


Butternut squash, pie pumpkins, patty squash, acorn squash and hubbards have started to spread out. The carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips and spinach in the raised beds at the other end of the hill garden have spread their third set of leaves.


The green and yellow summer squash and cucumbers in this garden are moving along as well.

The kale, green beans, kkohl rabi, and brussels sprouts  in the front garden are only a few inches above the ground and have a bit of catching up to do with rest of the plantings… Oh what fun it is to grow your own food.


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