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Memorial Weekend 2013

This holiday weekend has to be one of the strangest that I can remember.

Up until this weekend we have had lovely warm weather that allowed the perennials to grow and many to come into bloom, and the fruit trees and bushes to bloom — attracting bees that helped fruit to start to form.


Flower in bed at the side of the house


High bush blueberries at the front of the pasture


Plantings at the top of the driveway

Cherry tree starting to form fruitCherry tree starting to form fruit

Even the Easter cactus like all of the sunshine

Even the Easter cactus like all of the sunshine

We had great plans for the weekend. We had invited a friend down to  to kayak Grafton Pond, one of favorite quiet water spots for the weekend and had grands plans of spending the entire weekend on or around the water.

grafton pond

Fortunately, we did spend the weekend around water, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite as we had envisioned.  As luck would have it we had heavy cold rains all weekend, and to my surprise we even woke to snow this morning.

May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

My main concern with the snow fall last night  (which the weather service did not predict) is the open garden bed and fruiting tress. The plants in the flower gardens had wither bloomed or were in bud, but are now laying on the ground under the heavy, wet snow. The seeds in the uncovered vegetable beds had just started breaking through the ground and fruiting trees and bushes, which now have branches reaching for the ground had started forming fruit. Fortunately, we did close the doors on the cold beds and the greenhouse so that the items in them are safe from harm.

Although this weekend provided some interesting weather it was not a total loss. We changed our focus from the outdoors to working on some craft projects. Amanda got back to a loom beading project that she has been working on for time — not really sure how she can work with all of those small delica beads — but then again we each have different talents…

amanda beading

Beading a sea otter from a picture she took in AK

And I spent the weekend making some progress on two quilting projects — the wolf and flying geese quilts.


Started sewing down the applique pieces on the units. Next is to sew all the units to the template.


All blocks completed for the center of the flying geese quilt


Started marking the pieces that will create the ends of the sashing units that when sewn together will from stars between the blocks

Although the weekend was not as planned. It was nice, relaxing and rejuvenating. As Erma Bombeck stated “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”…. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial weekend.

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  1. said:

    what are those flowers in the first picture? the white one with a rose colored ring? i like them

    Sent from my iPad Laura

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