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New project started…

I started a new quilting project, or should I say pulled one off of the UFO shelf to continue to work on. One of my goals is to make a quilt for each bed in the house. The problem is I have a tendency to choose really complex patterns. The one that I am working on at the moment is more than 3,000 pieces and contains 800 flying geese in the top.

flying geese units

Units for the sashing between blocks

I cut most of the pieces of a year ago and started to work on some of the flying geese units, than got tired of all the little pieces so the project got moved to shelf and others took its place. As I was sorting through and re-arranging my sewing room I ran across the project again and desired to start working on it.

flying geese strips

Strip units for blocks

The blocks assembly are not for those who are afraid of working in the bias, but the effort is well worth the time that it takes to put the units together.

geese block starts

portion of block units

I have managed to finish all of the center and corner blocks.

12 Center and 4 corner blocks

12 Center and 4 corner blocks

And started on the dozen edge blocks.

Start of the 12 edge blocks

Start of the 12 edge blocks

Once the edge blocks are done I need to work on the sashing and all of the y-seams that will be required to attach the sashing and block together…. hopefully I will not get overwhelmed with the assembly and move the project back to the UFO shelf.


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