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A co-working has given up her knitting business and as such wanted to divest herself of a large number of supplies. Fortunately I inherited a large collection of wooden buttons a large supply of various beads. I was so pleased with some of the buttons that I needed to start using the immediately.

I decided to put a new spin on the Grandmothers Garden patter by using origami fabric flowers as the blocks and one of the lovely set of buttons as the centers for blocks.  All of the blocks are hand stitched,the batting and backing added as the blocks are formed, and the units are hand pieced together. The following picture shows the number of blocks that I have completed to date.

grandmothers garden


Comments on: "Kicking Grandmother’s Garden up a Notch" (4)

  1. Nordie said:

    Well done so far! Good to see that you’re making good use of the stash you have – it also leaves room for more stash!

    How much bigger are you going to make it? Is it a lap quilt or will you go all out for a biggie?

    • Nordie, it sound like we think a bit alike. A person can never have enough variety in their stash.

      When done this project will be a rather sizable wall hanging. The raw edge folding and tacking on the blocks would not hold up well on a utility quilt.

  2. Love Love Love Your posts Learning so much Thanks for sharing

    Sent from iPhone Laura

    • Hi Laura. So nice to hear from you. Hope that you and the family have a great time at the birthday/Mothers Day lunch.

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