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Gluten-free Recipes

Japanese rice bread

Japanese rice bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On our family visit weekend we took a trip to Shady Maple to pick up a few items that we cannot find locally…. As with all trip to that market you have to take a walk through their amazing bakery… unfortunately, when we gave up gluten products, we also gave up most of the products that are offered in that wonderful bakery. … but that is not to say that I am not above trying to create gluten-free versions…. that is wit a little help. So when we got back to our hotel I started an internet search for a gluten free danish recipe, needless to say I found several a few of which I will try making over the next several weeks… but the bonus during that search was Pinterest page created by Rosina Fortier containing links to a number of yummy gluten-free recipes. The page can be found at



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