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Fall is in the air…

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn colors — the sugar maples are displaying there reds and oranges… all over the neighborhood you hear the sounds of power saws and wood splitters… we split and stacked about 6 cords of wood over the past three weekends. Have a little more of the rounds from the trees that we took down over the past year. Thank goodness for the invention of the hydraulic splitter….

Also started cooking muffins for the week on Sunday mornings — last week made bran muffins with apples (fresh and local) and pecans and today baked some morning glory muffins with local apples, carrots out of the garden and pear butter that we put up last fall.

With the cool evenings Amanda also asked that I make her a new flannel quilt to watch movies with — the one I made her about 8 years ago is starting to show it age… So we went to the store and she picked out her colors. Not sure how I feel about the color selection, but they seem to wok well in the final project. See the picture below.


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