My crafting and family life journal

After a week of rain we were blessed with a wonderful Saturday. The morning started out drizzly and overcast — by 10am the fog burned off and the day was sunny and warm.

We spent almost the entire day outside. We planted all of the seeds we started in March: hubbard squash, pie pumpkins, little cabbages, yellow and green squash, peas, green beans cucumbers, romaine lettuce and micro greens. They all joined the: radishes, carrots, beets, turnips and parsnips that were planed in the raised beds a couple of weeks ago. We also planted 3 types of tomatoes and two type of eggplant. If all goes well this season we will not have to spend as much time at the farmers market and will even have some produce to can. Lots of work but something that we really enjoy.

Oh by the way, the bear that was walking through the back field on Wednesday did a bit of damage on his way through our property. The compost container was peeled open like a banana. The bear didn’t appear to eat anything out of it — but also didn’t want all of the kitchen waste to be under cover anymore. I guess the next time that we go to Farmway we will have to pick up a bear resistant compost bin.

After a full day in the yard and a nice shower I sat at my sewing machine and started quilting a wall hanging that I created for the employee art show that will take place this fall. It is one of a set that I will post pictures of once they are complete.

To end this perfect day the dogs and I went outside for their last yard time for the evening and my opportunity to look at the stars. Tonight the moon was so bright and close that the trees on the side of the house were bathed by moon light and the stars appeared dim in comparison. Nature is just amazing….


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