My crafting and family life journal

Souls Entwined


This 40? x 60? wall hanging was designed for Earth Day. The interwoven strips of fabric in the center of the quilt represent how all species on this blue marble touch each others lives. The border fabric contains a series of mammals and birds, herbivores on one side carnivores on the other and both mixed at the top and bottom.

The quilting was designed to reflect how all species and plant life need to live in harmony. The central focus of the stitching is the two people in the center of the quilt. Each has their left arm wrapped around the other, and their right arm reaching for the heavens. Their fingers of the right hands turn into branches of the tree of life. The hips and legs become the tree trunk and roots. To each side of the tree an animal is stitched: an herbivore on the carnivore side of the quilt and a carnivore on the herbivore side.


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